S by Salanitro

Creativity, innovation and excellence at work: S by Salanitro is a brand that sets itself apart by creating exceptional objects, designing and producing unexpected products with a strong and unique identity in the luxury world


Born from a keen aesthetic and cultural sensitivity, a deep knowledge of materials and precious stones and an exceptional savoir-faire in the Métiers d'Art of jewelry creation in the domain of Haute Horlogerie, S by Salanitro is a Swiss brand based in Geneva created by Pierre Salanitro in 2020 that aims to surprise through dazzling and original creations.

While fine watchmaking is the original core business of its founder, S by Salanitro sets out to new horizons, driven by his passion for unique and precious objects, an unquenchable source of emotion.



With each object, the teams put all their knowledge and virtuosity at the service of an exceptional final product, corresponding to the highest standards of connoisseurs and lovers of rare refinements. Initiating ambitious projects, sometimes through prestigious collaborations, each creation combines several skills to give birth to a dazzling work of art blending technical prowess, age-old mastery and contemporary inspiration.